Two weeks ago, the Spring Hill Planning Commission deferred a vote to recommend rezoning the 775-acre Alexander property.

“We deferred to give city staff the time that is needed to review everything,” Jonathan Duda, planning commissioner and Spring Hill alderman Ward 2, said at the time.

After a Planning Commission work session on Monday night, it looks like the time was well spent studying the plan, which likely will be the catalyst for an additional Spring Hill interchange off I-65, as well as growth for the northeast portion of town.

“I think we are much closer to having fully prepared recommendation,” Matt Fitterer, alderman Ward 2 and planning commissioner, said.

The rezoning, requested by project developer Southeast Venture, will very likely be voted upon at the next voting session, on Feb. 13, and then go to the Board of Mayor and Alderman.

The deferral a few weeks ago was not out of any concerns about the project itself, but making sure the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed on a very large development.

“It is not that there were particular areas of concern or red flags but a development of this size and scope takes some time to do it right,” Fitterer said. “Given the sheer volume of it, it was appropriate to give city staff extra time. I think the report back indicates that they took advantage of that additional time and used it very wisely.”

He said a concern was making sure things would occur in a timeline that matched the needs of the development.

“By that I mean not just roadways, but water capacity, sewer capacity, and just due to the sheer size of the project,” he said. “This isn’t just a project that has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust, city staff was working on it daily and receiving additional information.”

The zoning is for a mixed-use live, work, play type development. Last Spring, the city adopted a new form of zoning, a Planned Zoning District, which allows mixed-use projects such as the Alexander property proposal.

The project, on property bounded by I-65, Buckner Road, Summit High School and Thompson’s Station Road, could remake the economy and landscape in northern Spring Hill by 2037, the last year of its build out.

Spring Hill defers vote on 775-acre mixed-use project along I-65

There are a number of road projects that the project if passed will need completed, and help pay for, over its 20-year horizon.

A breakdown of those projects can be found in this story:

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