Traditions of Spring Hill is dedicated to the highest, most effective form of assistance for all of its residents. Many traditional senior living communities only offer a few different exercise or therapy options, but Traditions is aiming to do it another way— this is where Fox Optimal Living Steps in.

They knew they wanted to provide distinguished and better support for the senior residents of Spring Hill that might one day end up in their community. Fox Optimal Living, a progressive senior rehabilitation program, was the perfect fit for the community. Not only do they engage seniors in rehabilitative exercises, they also provide fun activities to get seniors moving.

Branden Fleishman is the Rehab and Wellness Director of Fox Optimal Living and a main member in the joint family of Traditions and Fox.

“Our roles are to help promote wellness and activity throughout the whole community,” Fleishman said.

He said the Fox Team, which is in the senior community every day of the week, has created fun games to get people excited about their journey to health. This includes balloon volleyball, snowball fights (with fake snowballs made from cotton), cornhole competitions and walking club. They aim to have each resident to complete 150 minutes of exercise each week.

As far as the details go, the Fox Team is dedicated to making sure each resident that enrolls, which is a majority of the residents at Traditions, gets the specific support they need.

“When a resident moves in, they get a baseline assessment,” he said.

They test for strength, function, balance, cognitive ability and vitals. Then, each senior is placed in a specific exercise program based on their capabilities. Some of the progressive wellness programs include: strength training, individualized neuromuscular re-education and balance protocols and whole body aerobic and cardiovascular programs. All wellness classes are led by an Exercise Psychologist, so each resident receives personal treatment.

No matter the experience level, Fleishman said challenging them is the main goal; challenge and monitor progress, of which most seniors experience after completing a program.

“We’ve shown that we’ve had a 39 percent annual decrease in falls compared to traditional senior living communities and we’ve actually had a decrease in hospital admissions… 27 percent,” he said.

Intentionality goes far beyond patient to Fox Team member, though. Fleishman said that every week, the Fox Team meets with the caregivers, staff and Traditions management team to ensure they are all working towards the same goals.

“We have regular interactions with the traditions management… weekly meetings with them to make sure we are all on the same page,” he said. There’s “a whole team approach to it.”

Traditions of Spring Hill is located at 3056 Miles Johnson Parkway in Spring Hill. For more information on the Fox Optimal Living Program or Traditions of Spring Hill, call (931) 451-0009 or click here.

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