Children of American Revolution

Members of the Children of the American Revolution at Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Columbia.

To honor and keep the memory alive of revolutionary soldiers, women, and children, collectively, the Samuel Mayes Society of the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution laid a wreath at the grave of Revolutionary War patriot Samuel Mayes, Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Columbia, Tenn., in conjunction with the Brigadier General Richard Winn Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Samuel Mayes was born in Ninety-six District, South Carolina, July 5, 1759. He was 20 years old in September, 1779, when he was drafted into Cpt. Robert Faris’ Company, Col. Thomas Brandon’s Regiment. His regiment marched to Savannah, Georgia and joined Gen. Lincoln’s army.

They remained there until Gen. Lincoln abandoned the siege of Savannah. Mayes next volunteered to “watch, pursue, and keep down the tories” of his district. In April, 1780 he was drafted to go to defend Charleston.

After the death of his first wife, Mayes married Mary Frierson in Williamsburg District, South Carolina, May 4, 1797. They moved to Maury County in April of 1808 in the third group of the Zion migration. In the fall of that year he was elected elder in the first Session of Zion Presbyterian Church.

Mayes’ portion of the land purchased by the Zion settlers amounted to 200 acres. He applied for a pension in Maury County, September 6, 1832 and was awarded $80 per year for two years’ service as a private in the South Carolina Line. He died in Maury County on June 22, 1841 and was buried here in Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

Present were the following members of the CAR Logan Endress, Kennedy Endress, Ella Webb, Josie McNabb, Caroline Webb, Kayla McNabb and Senior Organizing President Beth Quigg. DAR members present were Vicki James, Regent, Brigadier General Richard Winn Chapter, Dianne Breyfogle, Judy Pierce, Joyce Cox, Betth Chinery, Angela McNabb and Celia Parrott Also, present were John Breyfogle and Bill Geshwiler from the Tombigbee Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.

To learn more about the recently formed Spring Hill Samuel Mayes Children of the American Revolution Society email

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