Thompson’s Station has formed a citizen committee to investigate options for the city’s sewer system and hired an engineering firm to create a master plan.

The citizen committee will offer feedback on what types of sewer systems the city should allow and whether new developments should be required to connect to the existing sewer system.

The engineering firm will examine the city’s current wastewater system and produce a report that evaluates the system’s performance and explains how to improve it.

Mayor Cory Napier formed the citizen sewer committee about a month ago. He says many of the people on that committee are engineers who can offer an informed perspective on dealing with the city’s waste. That committee met for the first time last week.

At a meeting on Tuesday, the town’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen hired the engineering firm Barge Design Solutions to create a master plan for the sewer system. It should take about six months to complete the report.

That report will identify which parts of the system require additional capacity to accommodate future development and it will offer options for achieving increased capacity. Those suggestions could include changes to the collection system or the treatment system.

The investigations come just a few months after the town purchased a large area of land to expand its current wastewater treatment system.

The town doesn’t have a permit to discharge its treated waste into a river or stream. Instead, the wastewater treatment plant drips the town’s wastewater into empty fields through a network of underground pipes.

The problem with that system is that it requires a lot of land, which can get very expensive. In January, the town agreed to buy 170 acres of land for about $3 million.

That land means that the town won’t run out of sewer capacity anytime soon, but Napier said the study from the engineering firm and input from the citizen committee will help the town decide how it wants to deal with sewer in the future.