Columbia Academy at Spring Hill

Columbia Academy’s satellite campus in Spring Hill saw approval from the Spring Hill Municipal Planning Commission to add over 5,000 square feet.

Situated on Beechcroft Road, the existing structure for the satellite campus spans 14,852 square feet and is set to add another 5,035 square feet. It is also slated to feature four future classrooms. The project will develop multi-use trails that lead onto the site as well. The expansion is expected to create a driveway for the northern end of the campus and pave a route to the rear of the building.

Several elements of the site plan are still being negotiated between the city and Centric Architecture, the design firm on the project. Among them is reconciling the need to dedicate part of the property’s frontal right-of-way with the effect that could have on signage, a transformer and about a dozen parking spaces onsite.

Right-of-way dedications amid preexisting structures present a liability concern for the city and, therefore, must be handled carefully. The original suggestion from Centric was that the transformer be concealed via landscaping efforts.

Until that problem has a solution with which city planning staff agrees, no further building permits are being issued. The city also requires a 12-foot multi-use trail to be developed before the final plat can be recorded.

The original plan as recorded with the county clerk in 2019 called for a similar 12-foot trail, yet a nine-foot sidewalk was built instead. That must now be removed and replaced in order for the project to proceed.

Centric confirmed in January that all additions to the building are in the back and that they aim to keep the front the same. They want to contribute “something that blends” with what is already present.

The building was originally an industrial training center, which was adapted for Columbia Academy to keep pace with the rapid growth of the community. The current site reopened as the Columbia Academy satellite in fall 2019.