The State Historic Preservation Office, part of the Tennessee Historical Commission (THC) is seeking public input for an update to Tennessee’s Plan for Historic Preservation during the next ten years.

As the state agency primarily responsible for the stewardship of historic resources in Tennessee through the administration of various federal and state programs, including the State Historic Preservation Office, the Historical Commission has taken the lead in efforts to develop a comprehensive plan for historic preservation.

“Periodically, our office undertakes a public planning process to help define the goals of the plan, which is updated and revised as circumstances within the state change over time,” stated Patrick McIntyre, executive director of the THC and State Historic Preservation Officer.  “The new version of the Tennessee Preservation Plan is intended to guide statewide efforts to protect the state’s cultural heritage through 2028, as well as bolster the state’s efforts to preserve underrepresented and diverse resources.”

“As part of updating the plan, the THC is seeking public input through an online survey,” added Claudette Stager, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer.  “The survey asks the state’s residents about aspects of historic preservation that are important to them, as well as areas of concern that need to be addressed.”  The survey can be completed online  The survey will close on March 31, 2019.

For more information about the various programs operated by THC, please visit, where the current 2013-2018 Tennessee Preservation Plan can be downloaded, as well as a link to the survey.  Please direct any questions about this survey to Claudette Stager at [email protected].