The Harpeth River Writers will be releasing a new anthology featuring works from Williamson County authors and others from the Greater Nashville area Tuesday, Oct. 1.

Words on Water is a collection of 28 works of short fiction, prose and poetry from nine award-winning Middle Tennessee writers whose talents include fiction, memoir and poetry, spanning 18 published books.

This is the second anthology produced by Harpeth River Writers, following By Blood or by Marriage that was published in 2015. The Harpeth River Writers included in Words on Water are Sandy Ward Bell, Suzanne Webb Brunson, Catherine Riddle Caffey, John Neely Davis, Micki Fuhrman, Catherine Moore, Michael J. Tucker, Tom Wood and Bill Woods. Ruth Lebovitz is a former member of the collective and local author Kathy Rhodes recently joined Harpeth River Writers.

An official launch party for Words on Water will be held in October, with time and date to be announced. Books will be available at the party for $15.95 each, and there will be music and giveaways. The public is invited.

Interested readers should call their favorite local bookstore and get them to order it, using the ISBN: 978-0578570945. The book can also be ordered online through Amazon, Target, Goodreads and other similar sites.

The book has received praise, according to a press release, including:

  • “Thoroughly entertaining and engaging,” from Baron R. Birtcher, LA Times bestselling author of Rain Dogs.
  • “Beautifully written (with) well-conceived characters and suspenseful endings.” Nancy Stancill, author of Winning Texas.

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