Photos courtesy of Williamson County Animal Center


The pool at the Longview Recreation Center was packed to the brim with swimmers Saturday, as is usual for a sunny weekend in Spring Hill – only this time, the occupants were noticeably fuzzier than usual.

That, of course, was due to Saturday being the second annual Bark n’ Splash event, which saw chihuahuas, Labradors, and everything in between enjoy a day of swim and fun at the rec center over the weekend. From 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., Longview’s pool was absolutely packed with four-legged companions, who could all be seen catching Frisbees, taking to the water slides, or just lounging in the shallow areas of the pool.

The event was organized entirely by the Williamson County Animal Center (WCAC), a government-run organization whose stated mission is to make Williamson County “better for animals through adoption, education, enforcement and pet population control.”

In 2018 alone, the WCAC received nearly 4,000 dogs and cats at its animal shelter, and helped find more than 2,500 dogs and cats a new home through adoption. The roughly 1,500 remaining dogs and cats were mostly either transferred to animal rescue centers or returned to their original owners.

With the sheer volume of animals the WCAC receives on a regular basis, the organization is always seeking volunteer work through a variety of methods, including short and long term foster animal care, as well as assisting at the animal shelter. For more volunteering information, click here.

The WCAC holds regular programs and services, such as its Pet Food Bank and it free spay and neuter services. For more information on WCAC programs and services, click here. The WCAC also accepts donations, with the funding going towards the continued support and care for animals in Williamson County. For more information on donations, click here.

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