On Tuesday night the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted to accept a donation of 24 acres of land from a private developer.

The property, donated by Crestwood Partners, is 24.8 acres adjacent to the potential Rice Road extension project, south of Rutherford Creek and next to city Little League fields.

“Since 2007, we have worked to secure land in the vicinity of Derryberry Road and Rice Road for Parks and Recreation use, specifically active sports fields,” Alderman Jonathan Duda said. “As the city was not in a position to construct fields at that time, we worked with the developers of the property and the YMCA of Middle Tennessee in an effort to have an indoor facility and active sports fields constructed in this area.  When plans with the YMCA ultimately did not materialize, we secured the 20-acre property in order to complete the goal of using the property for Parks and Recreation.  The 24 acres that the city has just accepted is adjacent to these original 20 acres.”

Crestwood, along with Cornerstone, is part of a putative public-private partnership created in December with the city that will together extend Rice Road by up to a mile from its intersection with Derryberry Lane. The city will pay about $1.2 million and Crestwood and Cornerstone about $5 million to extend Rice Road south from Derryberry Road by a mile within three years.

However, this is not a part of a quid-pro-quo for that deal, which may not materialize. The letter of intent has not been signed making the partnership official, and a 30-day timetable for it to be signed ends on the 19th.

“These plans were developed independent of any development agreement for constructing needed road access, and water and sewer infrastructure requirements,” Duda said.

As for the land, its use is not yet decided.

“We have no immediate plans for the land yet, but we have some ideas toward potential park,” Mayor Rick Graham said.

The Spring Hill Parks and Recreation Master Plan created in 2012 identifies the location as an ideal site for a Community Park with Active Sports Fields.

“This donation was completed because it is in accordance with our plan for this area,” Duda said.

Huntly Gordon, who represents Crestwood to the city, did not return repeated calls for comment.