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The developer of a subdivision on Buckner Lane gave the city of Spring Hill a draft for an agreement outlining how much extra money it would pay the city when it builds homes.

Crescent Homes, the developer of Wilkerson Place, already has to pay some fees, such as roadway impact fees, that would pay for road improvements.

At a previous work meeting the developer proposed paying an extra $ 2,000 for every home it builds. However, the board wanted to see that promise in writing before moving forward. Now, the company has written an agreement that details how much extra money it would pay. The agreement also includes a schedule of some road improvement projects that the developer has agreed to build.

Terry Rasmussen with Crescent homes presented the first draft of the agreement to the board.

“This really just goes down the list of things we’re saying what we will do, when we’ll do them,” he said.

In addition to paying more than the required fees, the developer also agreed to build new turn lanes for the subdivision before finishing any houses. The agreement also says the developer will build walking trails.

Several board members also wanted to include language that would hold future owners of the land to the same agreement in case the developer decides not to complete the project and sells it to another company.

The agreement will likely be added to the company’s request for the city to rezone the property for the proposed development.

Rasmussen said that Crescent decided to pay about $ 2,000 extra because that was in line with another nearby development that has a special agreement with the city. Alderman Kevin Gavigan said that he thought that maybe the number should be a little higher. Rasmussen called the agreement he presented to the board a draft and said Crescent Homes was open to modifying the agreement.

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