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On Monday, the developer behind the Columns on Main apartment complex requested of city leaders that Kedron Road see temporary closures for four to five weeks, giving the developer a faster route to completion on planned road improvements. The proposal saw mixed reactions from the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen, who among other things, expressed concerns over closing a major road during the busy holiday season.

Located on Kedron Road just south of Main Street, the Columns on Main project included making improvements to Kedron Road, including repaving and widening of its shoulders. Representatives from Wood PLC - an energy services company tasked with doing the road improvements to Kedron Road - suggested proposing the road closure to the Spring Hill BOMA after concluding that without the closure, construction on Kedron Road could be extended from four to five weeks to eight to ten weeks, causing significant traffic buildup in the process.

Speaking on behalf of the developer of the project, Matt Ross with ECI Construction proposed to city leaders the idea of closing Kedron Road from Main Street to Old Kedron Road from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Alderman Dan Allen asked City Administrator Victor Lay what his thoughts were on the proposal, to which Lay said he was - at first - strongly against it. After giving the proposal some thought, however, Lay said under the right circumstances it could be possible.

"The detour route is considerable," Lay said. "If you're trying to go north, then your detour route is to take Miles Johnson all the way to 31 and then backtrack. I think people will find their paths; they'll start diverting off on Port Royal, or they'll automatically take Miles Johnson, or they'll swing on around and [take] 840 and come in on the south side, so I think people will find their path on that. It won't be any more disruption than what we experienced when we shut Duplex down, and that was shut down for about three or four months."

Allen later suggested limiting the closure to only weekdays - a suggestion Mayor Rick Graham and others agreed with. Vice Mayor Amy Wurth instead suggested pushing the delay to the beginning of next year.

"I would caution, we're entering in to a Black Friday in the busiest holiday season coming up at Christmas," Wurth said. "Even if it's 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., you still have a lot of folks that want to go during the week and to complete shopping and get to the Crossings. Is there a compromise to start after the holidays?"

Ross said that while that proposal was not ideal, ultimately he would accept the will of the board.

City leaders will vote on whether or not to approve the request during their next voting meeting on Monday, Nov. 18.

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