The Kroger on Port Royal Road in Spring Hill may see an “entire remodel” in the near future, with a request being submitted to the Planning Commission for an additional 31,750 square foot building expansion.

Members of the Spring Hill Planning Commission reviewed Kroger’s request for the expansion and remodel during their monthly non-voting meeting Monday night, with Planning Director Steve Foote introducing the proposal at the onset of the meeting.

“They are proposing [an addition of] over 30,000 square feet,” Foote explained.

“This would be an entire improvement and remodel for the entire store; it’s not just an addition where the rest of the store stays intact and they just add some additional square footage and expand. This would be an entire upgrade to the entire store.”

Kroger expansion

Design documents show an overhead rendering of the proposed expansion to Kroger.

Originally constructed in 2008, the Kroger on Port Royal Road included with its initial proposal to the city plans for possible expansion. Now, 12 years later, Kroger representatives are seeking to make that expansion a reality.

While details on the specifics of the expansion and remodel were sparse during the meeting and in the supporting documents, the proposal does include an additional 31,750-square-foot expansion proposed to be constructed on the grocery store’s north side, with grocery pickup parking spots slated for behind the new expansion. A drive-thru is also proposed on the north side of the expansion.

An addition to the expansion and remodel, the proposal also includes a new traffic signal at the main entrance and exit to the Kroger.

Kroger traffic signal

The proposed traffic signals included in the proposed Kroger expansion project.

Commissioner Paula Hepp asked Randy Harper, the applicant speaking on behalf of Kroger, whether this expansion and remodel would turn the Kroger on Port Royal Road into a marketplace Kroger similar to the one on Main Street in Thompson’s Station.

“This is not going to be an expansion to a marketplace,” Harper responded. “This will be all grocery-only expansion.”

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