Fireworks Main Street

The fireworks stand on Main Street opens for business on Thursday, June 25.

As the Fourth of July holiday fast approaches, two fireworks tents will be opening in Spring Hill on Thursday, offering a wide array of sparklers, traditional fireworks, finale racks and more.

One fireworks tent will be located on the southeast corner of Port Royal Road and Derryberry Lane North, across the street from Phoenix Metals, with the other just off of Main Street in the parking lot of Church of the City.

Port Royal Fireworks

Staff at Port Royal Fireworks prepares for their Thursday opening.

The tent on Port Royal Road, aptly dubbed as "Port Royal Fireworks," will also feature food vendors on July 3 such as CD's BBQ and BeechCo Shaved Ice.

"This is our second year at this location — we had a great year last year, but we're going to step it up a notch this year," said David Miller, who operates Port Royal Fireworks.

"One thing that we pride ourselves on is having good salesmen that know the products, so whatever questions you got, we're more than happy to help. We got all kinds of variety; stuff for kids, wake the neighbors to wake the cops, so whatever your desire is, we got some of that stuff for you."

When asked what he may recommend for those looking for an explosive Fourth of July, Miller was quick to single out a new product named the "Titanium."

"It's an Excalibur on steroids — Excaluburs are what they call reloadable tubes," Miller said. "They're actually outlawed in the city of Columbia, but we've got them here."

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