Harvey Park

The playground at Harvey Park is expected to be closed to the public for at least three weeks for repairs.

The heavy rains of late March took a significant toll on Williamson County, including on Spring Hill's Harvey Park on Main Street.

According to Interim City Administrator Pamela Caskie, the flood damage done to the park could cost as much as $55,000 to repair. City leaders on Monday approved moving forward with the repairs immediately, and believe that the costs could be reimbursed in full by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Director of Spring Hill Parks & Rec Kayce Williams said that the playground at Harvey Park will be closed for at least three weeks to undergo repairs, as will a portion of the walkway that circles around the park.

"All of the play equipment is fine, it's the containment area around the playground... the water just came in quickly and forcibly," Williams said. "It's a pretty big undertaking, especially when you have to work around all of the existing equipment. So it's going to be a little tedious and time consuming, but we will get it done."

Williams said that the heavy flooding compromised the geofabric and the packed earth underneath the playground, as well as washed away the mulch. Regarding the walkway, Williams said that the flood waters actually lifted a ten-foot section of concrete off the ground, which will also need repairs.