Great White Express Car Wash

Design documents for the proposed Great White Express Car Wash.

In an announcement made on the business' Facebook page, Great White Express Car Wash has confirmed it will be moving forward on constructing a second location in Spring Hill after a brief legal battle with the city last year.

Plans for the first Great White Express in Spring Hill — located off of Main Street northeast of The Crossings — were submitted to the city in 2019, with the car wash opening for business the following year.

Soon after, the car wash submitted a proposal to the city for a second location — proposed to be constructed just off of Main Street along Belshire Village Drive, between the Lowe's and KFC restaurant — only for city leaders to shoot the proposal down, citing concerns over the project's water usage.

The owners of the car wash's parent company GWE Holdings, Debbi and James Whitlock, sued the city over the project's denial, with the city later approving the original proposal just weeks later.

Now more than a year later, the project is confirmed to be moving forward, though staff told the Home Page Monday that no date yet exists for the project's completion or opening.