city hall

A number of fresh faces were appointed to numerous Spring Hill city committees and commissions this week following the first-ever voting meeting for Spring Hill's newest elected officials.

Mayor Jim Hagaman appointed Alderman William Pomeroy to the Historical Commission, which aims to "promote and preserve the character of life in the city."

Hagaman appointed Alderman John Canepari to the Library Board of Trustees, which has the power to "direct all the affairs of the library," including the appointment of a librarian.

Alderman Trent Linville was appointed by Hagaman to the Parks & Recreation Commission, which oversees the city's parks, greenways and recreational events.

Aldermen John Canepari and Vice Mayor Kevin Gavigan were both appointed to the Transportation Advisory Committee, which recommends transportation improvements.

The Board of Zoning Appeals, which decides appeals for exceptions on zoning matters, requires a nomination and then confirmation for the board rather than an appointment from the mayor. For this seat, Hagaman nominated himself, only to have Alderman Trent Linville nominate Alderman Dan Allen moments later.

"Wasn't expecting that," Hagaman said jokingly.

With two nominations on the floor, aldermen then went to a roll call vote. Hagaman won 6-3, with aldermen Linville, Allen and Pomeroy voting for Allen.

With the nomination secured, Hagaman went on to be voted in unanimously to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

The Planning Commission, which considers requests for rezoning and site plan approvals, also requires a vote for an appointment. The mayor also reserves the right to designate on his own either himself or a mayoral designee to the commission.

For the Planning Commission, Hagaman nominated Alderman Matt Fitterer for the role. Seconds later, Allen nominated Linville for the role as well.

In a tight vote, Linville won by a narrow 5-4 vote. Using his mayoral authority, Hagaman also appointed Fitterer to the commission.