Spring Hill's Grecian Family Restaurant will be kicking off its fourth annual charitable Thanksgiving event this Thursday, offering a free Thanksgiving meal all day to those in need.

"It’s the time of the year [for our] fourth annual free Thanksgiving dinner for all people, in need, sick, elderly, can't cook, alone, first responders, [and] people who work that day!" writes Grecian Family Restaurant. "Please spread the word for our community event at Grecian Family Restaurant and Bakery."

Those who are unable to visit the restaurant in person can contact Grecian to have the meal delivered to their homes by sending a message on the restaurant's Facebook page, or by phone at (615) 302-4808.

Grecian Family Restaurant is also seeking volunteers and food donations for the event. Those interested in volunteering can sign up online by clicking here, and those interested in donating food can do so online by clicking here.

Last Thanksgiving, Grecian Family Restaurant gave out 1,070 free meals to first responders, those in need and otherwise.

Grecian Family Restaurant is located at 2003 Wall St. in Spring Hill, and will be serving free Thanksgiving meals from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.