Only four candidates saw financial reports released due to the remaining candidates not spending or receiving at least $1,000.

With the Spring Hill city election just days away, the Maury County Election Commission has released to the public full financial reports for all eligible candidates.

Although there are eight total candidates, financial reports have only been released for four due to the election commission only requiring financial reports on candidates that spend or receive at least $1,000.

To view the financial reports in their entirety, click here.

Vincent Fuqua / Mayoral candidate

Currently representing Spring Hill as an alderman, Vincent Fuqua will be competing against Jim Hagaman for the position of mayor. Describing himself as a lifelong entrepreneur, Fuqua owns Southbound Erosion, an environmental services company, as well as Fuqua Landscape Management, a landscaping company.

As of April 1, Fuqua's campaign fund balance stood at $887. In total, Fuqua has raised $1,807 for his campaign; $700 of which was financed by himself, $500 from a retired Franklin resident, and $607 in unitemized contributions of $100 or less.

Fuqua also received $515 worth of in-kind contributions (non-cash contributions) from Mathews Team Sports of Franklin for campaign apparel.

Fuqua saw $1,370 in expenditures; $789 for yard signs, $498 for large signs, and $82 for campaign sign stands and frames from Home Depot.

Jim Hagaman / Mayoral candidate

A resident of Spring Hill since 2000, Jim Hagaman is a retired U.S. Air Force veteran with more than 20 years of service. Hagaman had made a previous bid for mayor back in 2015.

As of March 29, Hagaman had a campaign fund balance of $534. Hagaman had raised $2,500 total for his campaign, $2,300 of which was self-financed, with the remaining $200 being unitemized contributions of $100 or less.

Hagaman saw $1,965 in total campaign expenditures which are as follows; $820 for yard signs, $491 for door hangers, $160 for gas, $150 for website design, $110 for printing, $108 for food, $62 for photography, $21 for business cards, $20 for a microphone, and $19 for office supplies.

Kevin Gavigan / Ward 3 alderman candidate

Born in Spring Hill, Kevin Gavigan is currently serving his first four-year term as a Spring Hill alderman representing the city's third Ward. An avid tennis and basketball player, Gavigan runs a law practice in banking and finance, and is married with four children.

As of March 31, Gavigan had no money in his campaign fund balance. Gavigan has raised $1,699 for his campaign, all of which was entirely self-financed. Gavigan saw $100 of unitemized in-kind contributions as well.

Gavigan has also seen $1,699 in campaign expenditures; $1,003 for printing, and $696 for printing.

Angela Privett / Ward 3 alderman candidate

A resident of Spring Hill for two and a half years, Angela Privett is a real estate agent with approximately 20 years of experience, and also operates The Landing event venue on Main Street.

As of April 3, Privett has a campaign fund balance of $87. Privett has raised $6,500 for her campaign, all of it entirely self-funded. Privett also received $100 in unitemized in-kind contributions.

In total, Privett saw $6,412 in campaign expenditures; $926 for post cards, $3,267 for signs, and $2,218 for mailers.


Election day will land on Thursday, April 8 where voters will have between 7 a.m.-7 p.m. to cast their ballots. There will be five voting centers on election day: the Winchester Community Center, Spring Hill High School, Longview Rec Center, Northfield and Heritage Elementary School.

Voters are required to vote at a specific voting center dependent on where they reside in the city. Click here to find out which voting center to vote at on election day.

Click here to view a sample ballot. Click here to see if you're registered to vote, and click here to see full profiles of all the candidates.

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