Assuming talks continue to go smoothly, the HomeGoods would open up in what was formally the Bed, Bath and Beyond in The Crossings.

A HomeGoods store is coming to Spring Hill.

A now removed sign that stood just outside what was formally the Bed, Bath and Beyond in The Crossings shopping district first revealed that a HomeGoods furnishing store may soon be coming to Spring Hill.

And a follow-up phone call with one of The Crossings’ property managers, Randy Knight, confirmed that discussions to open a HomeGoods in The Crossings are taking place, and that an official lease agreement may be solidified as soon as this Friday.

As the lease has yet to be executed, no word exists as to when the HomeGoods may open. Assuming the lease agreement moves forward, the HomeGoods would set up shop in the building left vacant after Bed, Bath and Beyond closed its doors back in 2018, which according to some of its staff, was reportedly due to increasing lease rates. 

Founded in 1992, HomeGoods specializes in furniture, cooking products, linens, and all things for the home. The discount home furnishing store currently has more than 700 locations across the United States, with plans in place for the opening of hundreds more.