Maher Donation Foundation of Fallen Officers

From left to right: Jack Maher, John Smith Jr. and Don Brite.

The Foundation for Fallen Officers of Tennessee, a nonprofit organization that aims to financially support families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty, received a $2,000 donation Monday from John Maher Builders.

Co-founded by Spring Hill Police officer John Smith Jr., the nonprofit has helped support eight families during times of tragedy since its inception in 2018.

"It came to our attention that this foundation was up and running, and it's just something we're always grateful for; our police officers and first responders," said Jack Maher of John Maher Builders.

"They risk their lives every day, and the least we could do is provide comfort that if something does happen, their family will be taken care of. Hopefully more people will see this and will donate and we can continue to grow this organization that John helped start."

Accepting Maher's donation at the Spring Hill Police Station off of Reserve Boulevard, Smith Jr. said the nonprofit helps families with everything from utility payments to travel expenses - anything that helps that helps alleviate finical hardships during their time of mourning.

One of the more recent families that the nonprofit had aided was that of Chattanooga officer Nicholas Galinger, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident in 2019.

"The officer that got killed [in Chattanooga] this last year was not from here, so he didn't have any family here," Smith Jr. said.

"The family didn't have the money to travel down here to get him and take him back home, so [Spring Hill Police] Chief [Don Brite] let us go to Chattanooga and deliver a check to them - that way they would have gas money to fly down here and go back with him."

Brite, who was also present Monday, said he and his department were grateful for the gesture, and that continued donations will see to it that families who lose a loved one in the line of duty can be supported financially.

"It means a lot, especially coming from the Maher family," Brite said.

"They've done a lot for Spring Hill, and what they're doing for our department through the foundation, it allows us to continue to assist in help families who have lost a firefighter, police officer or EMS."

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