A community garden is in the works in Spring Hill that will see benefits for seniors and students.

Susan Lobo, volunteer coordinator for the Senior Adult Advocacy Council, said Tuesday that plans are under way to start developing the community garden off Kedron Road in Maury County next to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Lobo said the idea sprang up in February during a Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

“They asked what was needed in the community and one of the suggestions was a community garden,” she said.

The garden, called the Late Bloomers Community Garden, is now in the works as the council and city of Spring Hill teamed up to get the project going.

Selena Garza, vice chairman for the council, said when she heard the suggestion she thought it was a great idea. The next day she met City Administrator Victor Lay and asked if there was any land available to do the project. He told her there were 12 acres next to the treatment plant.

He said, ‘I’m sure you want two or three acres,’ I said, ‘No, I want all 12,'” she said. “Go big or go home.”

Phase 1 of the garden is hoping to be completed by the end of May, Lobo said. The plan is most of phase 2 will be completed by September with the rest done by next year.

The first phase of the garden will be building a composting area and planting sunflowers along the roadway.

Phase 2 will have an edible schoolyard for homeschoolers, a Monarch butterfly habitat, a covered pavilion, a restroom, an herb garden, wheelchair accessible gardens and contained beds.

Jamie Page, spokesman for the city, said the city’s public works department plans to put in some in-kind donations.

The Public Works department plans on running a two-inch water line, a sewer line and helping to construct a gravel road into the garden with two gates. The estimated cost to the city would be between $2,310 and $3,310, he said.

“I’d like it to be cross generational,” Garza said. “Between kids and seniors.”

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