Alderman Jeff Graves (left) and Dan Allen (right) look at the early voting results at Spring Hill City Hall.

9 p.m.

The full results of the Spring Hill 2021 city election are in with five out of five precincts reporting in full.

Jim Hagaman has gone on to claim victory in the mayor race against Vincent Fuqua. The uncontested races - wards 1, 2 and 4 - saw the lone candidates go on to claim victory; Jason Cox, William Pomeroy and Trent Linville, respectively.

Ward 3, which saw three candidates vying for the seat, saw incumbent Kevin Gavigan go on to retain his seat, defeating challengers Angela Privett and Brent Murray.

These results are unofficial until certified by the Maury County Election Commission, a process that typically takes between one and two weeks.

An asterisk (*) indicates the victor.


Vincent Fuqua: 1,219

*Jim Hagaman: 1,796

Alderman Ward 1

*Jason Cox: 1,840

Lee Elder: 626

Alderman Ward 2

*William Pomeroy: 2,384

Alderman Ward 3

*Kevin Gavigan: 1,477

Brent Murray: 439

Angela Privett: 910

Alderman Ward 4

*Trent Linville: 2,437

7:34 p.m.

City staff have said polling officials have encountered a "computer error" and that results may be delayed.

7:03 p.m.

The total early voting numbers are in for the Spring Hill city election, and mayoral candidate Jim Hagaman appears to have a strong lead over his opponent Vincent Fuqua. Spring Hill's Ward 3, the only contested ward, shows incumbent Kevin Gavigan with a strong lead above his two opponents Brent Murray and Angela Privett.

Election day votes have yet to be fully tallied. The Home Page will update this story as votes are tallied.

Early Voting


Vincent Fuqya: 626

Jim Hagaman: 930

Alderman Ward 1

Jason Cox: 964

Lee Elder: 317

Alderman Ward 2

William Pomeroy: 1,230

Alderman Ward 3

Kevin Gavigan: 747

Brent Murray: 229

Angela Privett: 489

Alderman Ward 4

Trent Linville: 1,264