Voters Maury County

Voters cast their ballots Thursday during the early voting period of the Primary Election in Columbia.

The early voting period for the 2020 Presidential Primary in Maury County - which includes the southern portion of Spring Hill - concluded last week on Tuesday, with data showing Republicans turned out in significantly higher numbers than Democrats.

According to Todd Baxter with the Maury County Election Commission, a total of 4,335 Maury County residents came out to vote during the early voting period for the Presidential Primary, with just over 57% of them voting in the Republican Primary for a total of 2,474 votes.

Maury County residents participated significantly less in the Democratic Primary with a total of 1,835 votes cast, for just over 42% of the total vote.

That ratio mostly mirrors Maury County’s first day of early voting, in which roughly 67% of the 135 votes cast that day were in the Republican Primary, with roughly 32% for the Democratic Primary.

Despite the disparity, Democratic voters in Maury County did see a considerable improvement percentage-wise from the past two Presidential Primaries.

In 2016, Maury County residents who participated in the Presidential Primary only represented 24% of the total voter turnout, whereas in 2012, they only represented roughly 17% of the turnout.

Residents who weren’t able to participate in early voting will have their last chance to voice their support for a particular presidential nominee on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, March 3. For information on when and where to vote, visit the TN Secretary of State's informational Primary page.