Battle Creek Middle School

Battle Creek Middle School in Spring Hill.

All Spring Hill public schools on the Maury County side of the city will be closed Thursday according to an announcement from Maury County Public Schools (MCPS) made Wednesday evening.

Due to the anticipated snow expected to fall throughout most of Thursday, the announcement applies to Spring Hill Elementary, Middle and High Schools, as well as Battle Creek Elementary and Middle Schools, as well as all other public schools in Maury County.

The announcement comes just hours after Williamson County Schools announced a similar closure for all schools within the district.

Snowfall is forecast to start at around 4 a.m. Thursday morning, and is expected to continue until at least 4 p.m., possibly through 7 p.m.

While no precipitation is expected after Thursday night through Saturday morning, temperatures will remain well below freezing through the weekend, leading to possible icy conditions into Friday.

The school district did not say whether or not Maury County schools will be open on Friday, but makes announcements on its Facebook page regularly.