MRH Mobile Unit

The Maury Regional Health mobile vaccine unit launched its efforts to serve underserved communities on March 16.

Maury Regional Health, which has medical facilities in Spring Hill, launched an effort Tuesday to offer vaccinations for underserved populations using its mobile health unit.

The manager for MRH's mobile unit operations Patrick Harlan said that the goal of the outreach program was to serve those who typically face barriers in receiving proper medical care.

"Our community partners are eager to work with us to offer vaccinations in the areas served by the mobile unit and we are grateful for their support in increasing vaccination rates,” Harlan said.

“Our goal has always been to reach those in our community who face barriers to receiving care in a more traditional environment, whether that barrier is transportation, apprehension, language or socio-economic. We are pleased to be a partner in getting our region vaccinated, helping to break down those barriers and help those at greater risk for serious illness due to COVID-19.”

In a statement, Maury Regional Health CEO Alan Watson added that the mobile vaccine unit was made possible due to the Janssen and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines, which unlike the Pfizer vaccine, do not require sub-zero temperature storage.

"The recent availability of the Janssen vaccine made this outreach possible," Watson said. “It doesn’t require sub-zero temperature storage like other vaccines so we’re able to transport it on the mobile unit to other locations. In addition, being a one-dose vaccine makes it ideal for reaching individuals in their own community.”

Maury Regional Health has already administered more than 12,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines since December, and will continue offering the Pfizer vaccine at its medical center in Columbia. Those who are eligible to receive a vaccine may schedule a vaccination appointment online by clicking here.