Maury Regional Medical Center

Maury Regional Medical Center is located in Columbia, though the medical center has facilities across the county, including Spring Hill.

Maury Regional Spring Hill, along with all Maury Regional hospitals will see new visitor restrictions imposed starting Monday, Nov. 30, as COVID-19 cases spike across the state.

"Unfortunately, trends indicate COVID-19 cases in our region will continue to rise, with spikes anticipated after the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said Martin Chaney, Maury Regional Health's chief medical officer. “As a result, we have chosen to join most of the hospitals in our region and restrict visitation. We realize this is difficult for families; however, we feel this is a necessary measure to ensure the safety of our patients and health care team. We appreciate the understanding of our community during this time.”

The new visitor restrictions are as follows:

  • Emergency departments – one support person during evaluation/treatment. If admitted, no visitors will be permitted on the inpatient unit.
  • Outpatient surgery patients – one support person before and during the operation. (To allow for social distancing, there may be times that those accompanying surgical patients may be asked to wait in designated locations during the surgical procedure.) If the patient is admitted, no visitor will be permitted on the inpatient unit.
  • Pediatric inpatients – one parent/guardian per day/24 hours
  • Childbirth patients – two support persons during delivery and one per day/24 hours post-delivery 
  • NICU inpatients – mother and one support person are permitted during the entire hospital stay
  • All other admitted patients (including inpatient surgeries) – No visitors will be permitted

Maury County, the county in which Maury Regional Spring Hill operates in, has seen a total of 5,918 positive COVID-19 cases as of Nov. 29, amounting to 1.6% of all cases statewide. Maury County has seen an average of 78.5 new cases over the past 14 days.

Despite the spike in cases, Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles has stood firm against implementing a mask mandate similar to what was implemented in Williamson County.

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