After 12 years in business, Millers Thrillers haunted attractions is going “to another level” for its final three weekends of operation for the season, with high-wire sword fighting performances, fireworks and its all new Arena X where guests will try to escape mad clowns.

On Fridays and Saturdays until Nov. 2, Millers Thrillers opens at 7 p.m., and on 6 p.m. this Saturday. Millers Thrillers is located at 1431 Carter’s Creek Pike in Columbia, roughly five minutes west of Spring Hill.

When asked what his recommendation was, Millers Thrillers founder David Miller suggested the combo ticket to be the best bang for the buck.

“My favorite is what we call the combo ticket, and that's a 'do it all' experience — that'll be a full night's worth of entertainment, you can be there three or four hours,” Miller said. “The woods is a traditional haunt style with startle scares, theatrics, crazy rednecks and chainsaws. We do have a new attraction within the woods called Arena X, and that is a circus tent filled with clowns trying to pull your flag football belts — it's kind of like a mini escape game on steroids inside a circus tent.”

zombie paintball

In addition to the new Arena X, Millers Thrillers will also feature its longtime attractions such as the Zombie Paintball Hayride, where guests will open fire on a wave of zombies from the safety of a moving vehicle, as well as the Haunted Woods, where guests will embark on an hour-long trek through a zombie-infested forest.

Miller describes the all new Arena X as “a mix of the hunger games, a crazy circus, survivor, extreme escape games, flag football, gladiator and the amazing race,” with the tent itself situated inside the Haunted Woods.

Guests waiting in line for attractions will also have plenty of entertainment and performances to keep them busy through the Entertainment Zone.

“Our stage show that we have for this weekend is going to another level with variety acts,” Miller said. “We have jugglers, we have a zombie drum line, we have a light show set to music, we have stilt walkers, we have fire performers coming from Nashville, we have a guy who has multiple world records on a Pogo stick, which is like an extreme version of Pogo stick.”

This year will also see the debut of a new high-wire sword fighting act, which will see performers clash steel while standing on a tight-rope, with a “wheel of death” swinging on a pendulum between them.

“Great feedback, super happy customers... we have some of them already planning their second visits for the season,” Miller said. “Don't miss out for this weekend. It's going to be huge, it's going to be crazy, and be prepared to be wowed — we'll blow you away.”

A combo pass, which includes access to all attractions, costs $35 per person. Additional passes that allow you to skip lines or receive extra paintball ammo vary on price. Click here to view ticket pricing and to purchase tickets online. Click here to learn more about attractions at Millers Thrillers.

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