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A depiction of the proposed gas station from the project's applicant Anderson, Delk, Epps & Associates.

A new convenience store and gas station may soon be coming to Spring Hill.

Plans for a BP-branded gas station called Kedron Market were recently submitted to the city of Spring Hill and will be reviewed the city Planning Commission Monday night at 5:30 p.m.

That meeting can be streamed online by clicking here.

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The gas station is proposed to be constructed in the lot between The Shops of Kedron and Kedron Road, just south of the Battle of Spring Hill site.

At 3,200 square feet, the gas station is proposed to be constructed in front of The Shops of Kedron shopping square, butting up against Kedron Road and adjacent to the Battle of Spring Hill site. The exterior of the building is proposed to be constructed primarily of brick, stone and glass, with an additional 21 new parking spaces planned.

As the proposed gas station is within 300 feet of a historic site, the project requires review from the city Historic Commission. City staff is currently awaiting comments from the Historic Commission Chairman Bill Benedict.

An abbreviation of British Petroleum Company, BP has roughly 7,200 branded gas stations across the United States, adding 300 in 2017 alone. The company is perhaps most infamous for its part in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the single largest marine oil spill in the petroleum industry's history.

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