Swearing in

Newly sworn-in Mayor Jim Hagaman embraces outgoing Mayor Rick Graham after the induction ceremony.

 “[I] Will perform the duties of my office to the best of my ability, so help me God.”

With those words, Jim Hagaman was officially sworn in as Spring Hill’s newest mayor during the Monday night meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BOMA).

Additionally, new aldermen Jason Cox, William Pomeroy and Trent Linville were also sworn into office, as was incumbent Alderman Kevin Gavigan.

The 2021 Spring Hill election saw a drastic improvement in voter turnout, as well as the participation of a significant number of new voters. 

The latest election also brought in a plethora of new faces; save for Gavigan, no member of the Spring Hill BOMA has been in their position before 2019.

Virtually every new face on the board had campaigned on improving the city’s road infrastructure, a topic that is often seen as the most discussed in Spring Hill among its residents. While the city has long had nearly $200 million earmarked for road improvement projects, the city’s ongoing traffic congestion issues continue to make infrastructure the top priority for most residents.

Whether of not the almost-entirely new board will make good on their promise to improve the city’s infrastructure will ultimately be up to the voters to decide.