Northfield bird's eye

Long planned to house city operations, the Northfield Workforce Development Center off of U.S. 31 is the former headquarters of Saturn, a General Motors automotive brand.

On Friday, news broke that the city of Spring Hill had been considering selling off one of its premiere properties - the Northfield Workforce Development Center - after a sale contract was posted on the city’s website.

The would-be purchaser, a Nashville-based entertainment group named Crescendo Entertainment, would potentially transform the Northfield Building into a “premier venue for the production of rehearsals of major music concerts and touring,” according to Alderman Matt Fitterer.

“In addition to performance space, the new facility would contain ancillary businesses such as set design, audio and lighting companies, and the many other providers that support the concert touring industry,” wrote Fitterer in a news release. “The new space would dwarf anything available in the regional Nashville market for concert preparations and rehearsals.”

Fitterer went on to call the potential sale a producer of “significant ongoing economic activity” for the city, and that the sheer scope of the facility would make “Spring Hill the focal point of major concert production in the United States.”

“Only one facility of similar scale and scope currently exists in the United States,” Fitterer wrote. “Located just outside of Lancaster, PA, Rock Litiz has become a hub of live event production and has been featured in numerous national publications. The new facility at Northfield would be a direct competitor and provide much needed space for concert creation and production in Music City.”

The sale contract stipulates Crescendo Entertainment would purchase the Northfield Building for $9.2 million. The city purchased the building in December 2017 for $8.18 million.

The city also secured a $13.18 million dollar loan to finance the purchase along with its related renovations.

The original intent with the purchase was to house the city’s municipal offices such as City Hall and the police and fire headquarters.

City leaders are set to discuss the potential sale of the Northfield Building during the next city meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 18 at City Hall, 199 Town Center Parkway.