Onlookers watch during the transportation of the Morton-Brittain home on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019, in Nolensville, Tenn.

By RACHAEL LONG / Photos by Rachael Long

As if the town had organized a nighttime parade, residents of Nolensville gathered Monday night to watch as the Morton-Brittain historic home was moved.

The 1870-era home was moved in three pieces, with the widest section in the middle.

As tractor trailers carried the home down its mile-long journey, onlookers took pictures and videos to document history in the making.

Organizers of the move waited with bated breath as the home made its way across the little town’s main drag, fervently hoping all went according to plan. Contractors, electricians and law enforcement officers all accompanied the home’s journey to help ensure its success.

Trouble struck when the widest section of the home crossed the Mill Creek bridge and a supporting beam began to scrape the guardrails. Contractors quickly went to work to remedy the situation, taking a saw to one of the beams.

Soon enough, the home was again on the move. Its three pieces had only one turn to navigate — just past the Southern Hospitality — to reach the destination property at 9927 Sam Donald Court.

The home was left on the tractor trailer for the evening. The Nolensville Historical Society (NHS) will soon begin plans for the home’s restoration. The official plans for restoration are in three parts, beginning with site plan development for town review and permanent house placement, then with exterior aesthetics and roof replacement and finally, interior restoration.

And according to NHS member Beth Lothers, the newly formed Morton-Brittain committee has wasted no time. She says fundraising plans for restoration are already in the works and volunteer forms and waivers are now available online.

For now, one thing is certain — the Morton-Brittain home will not be demolished, and those who have worked tirelessly for weeks on its preservation may finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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