DG Plans

The new Dollar General store is proposed to be 9,100 square feet.

A second Dollar General store may soon be coming to Spring Hill, with city leaders reviewing plans for the project on Monday during the city’s bi-monthly meeting of the Planning Commission.

The proposal outlines plans to construct a 9,100-square-foot building on a 2.27 acre plot of land on the northeast corner of Port Royal Road and Kedron Road, across the intersection from Walls Grocery. Along with the building itself, a 12-foot wide multi-use trail is proposed to be constructed on the eastern side of Port Royal Road, which would tie into the existing sidewalk on Rice Road.

Other than Walls Grocery, which is a small grocery store and gas station hybrid, the proposed Dollar General store would mark the first grocery store in Spring Hill south of Saturn Parkway. This fact was not lost on the homeowners association (HOA) of Royalton Woods - a nearby subdivision - who in an email to city leaders, spoke out against the project.

The president of the Royalton Woods HOA wrote in an email that homeowners in the nearby community had “strong objections” to the project, citing its proximity to the first Dollar General, which is further north on Port Royal Road, as well as the precedent the store would set for future commercial development.

“This type of retail does not match its would-be surroundings,” read the letter. “There are many brands that will not match their stores with Dollar General - the first retailers will set the tone for our side of Spring Hill.”

Further writing that the project “limits future opportunities for commercial development,” the HOA president formally requested the project be denied.

The Spring Hill Planning Commission will cast its first vote on the project next month on Monday, Sept. 14.