Splash Pad

Spring Hill residents enjoy the Splash Pad at Port Royal Park.

Port Royal Park, Spring Hill’s largest park, could soon be named Fischer Park in honor of the late Parks & Recreation director Kevin Fischer, who passed away in January after a battle with cancer.

The proposal came by way of Vice Mayor Amy Wurth and Alderman Hazel Nieves, who on Monday during a city meeting invited other city leaders to join them in sponsoring the resolution to see Port Royal Park renamed in Fischer’s honor.

“Kevin was instrumental in the development and the design of that park, as well as the implementation,” Wurth said. “He spent many hours at the park over the years, but especially after we built the park. He poured a lot of heart and soul into Port Royal Park.”

Additionally, Wurth suggested renaming Spring Hill’s dog park, the Bark Park, to the Barkley Park, after Fischer’s service dog.

“Kevin spent a lot of time as well at the dog park, but he also constructed the dog park, and he took his service dog Barkley with him, and that was very special,” Wurth continued. “We all know that Kevin loved Barkley, and he loved the dog park, so we’re asking the board to rename the dog park ‘Barkley Park.’”

If ultimately approved and endorsed by all members of the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the resolution to rename Port Royal Park and Bark Park would be the first Spring Hill Board-sponsored resolution in more than 10 years.

Fischer had been instrumental in the design of both Port Royal Park and the Bark Park, and his passing had sent waves throughout the Spring Hill community. 

Community members had also set up an online fundraiser to help Fischer’s family to offset medical bills and other losses of income. As of Friday, June 5, that fundraiser has raised $18,680 out of its $20,000 goal.

Those interested in supporting Fischer’s family may visit the online fundraiser by clicking here.

Spring Hill city leaders are set to vote on the resolution to rename the two parks on Monday, June 15.