Long planned to house city operations, the Northfield Workforce Development Center off of U.S. 31 is the former headquarters of Saturn, a General Motors automotive brand.

The sale of the Northfield Workforce Development Center, also known as the Northfield Building, is in talks to be delayed a third time due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. City leaders will vote on the purchaser's request for a delay in the sale during their Monday night city meeting.

Purchased by the city of Spring Hill in 2017 for $8.18 million and originally planned to house the police headquarters, city hall and library, city leaders first drafted a sale contract for the building in February of this year, and approved the sale in March.

The sale was made amid growing concerns over the viability of the property as a central hub for the city, with Alderman Dan Allen raising questions as to the physical state of the building, as well as the original purchase price.

The purchaser, formally known as Crescendo Entertainment (now Worldwide Stages LLC), has expressed interest in transforming the building into one of the largest music rehearsal venues in the United States.

Shortly after city leaders approved the sale, however, the coronavirus pandemic swept across the country, making inspections that are typical with property purchases more difficult.

Back in June, city leaders approved an extension of the inspection period by 60 days. In September, city leaders again approved another extension, and on Monday, November 16, city leaders will once again vote on Worldwide States' third request for an extension.

That vote will happen during the city's 7 p.m. meeting held at City Hall, 199 Town Center Parkway.

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