Home Construction

As the single-fastest growing Tennessee city, with at least 15,000 residents, this past decade, Spring Hill has seen building permits for both residential and commercial projects approved by the thousands.

And while 2021 was no exception according to Monday's city meeting agenda, at 1,252 approved residential and commercial building permits, last year's numbers were marginally less than those seen in 2020.

For comparison, 2020 saw the city issue a total of 1,286 building permits; 51 commercial, and 1,235 residential, 839 of the latter being for new single-family homes.

In 2021, the city issued 1,252 building permits; 56 commercial, and 1,196 residential. Breaking the residential permits down further, 635 of the 1,196 permits were for new single-family homes, and 292 were for new townhome or duplex developments.

The 56 commercial building permits included 16 permits for new commercial buildings, and 39 for expansions or additions to currently existing commercial developments. The single remaining commercial permit comes from a commercial plumbing permit.

Despite last year seeing less residential building permits issued overall than the previous year, 2021 saw Spring Hill collect $10.1 million in residential development fees, almost $1 million more than 2020's $9.3 million, attributable to 2021 seeing almost three times as many water and sewer permits issued.

While data on the number of residential building permits issued in either Williamson or Maury County was not included for the entire year, December saw the city issue 74 total residential building permits, 65 of which were in Maury County, a trend that has persisted throughout the year.