Spring Hill city leaders have narrowed down sidewalk project proposals to four select recommendations, and on Monday placed those recommended projects on the next city meeting’s consent agenda, where it is likely to pass. City leaders will vote to approve the recommendations during the next city meeting on Monday, Jan. 20.

Those project proposals were submitted from community members via the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program: a program launched in 2014 that allows for residents to submit their own proposals as to where sidewalks should be constructed.

The four sidewalk project proposals are as follows:

  • Crowne Pointe HOA (north side of Stewart Campbell Point between New Port Royal Road and Lantana Drive)

  • Chapman’s Retreat (Finish connectivity from the entrance to Duplex Road)

  • Wakefield (Finish connectivity from Masonboro Drive to Duplex Road)

  • Dewey Drive (South side of Dewey Drive between Commonwealth Drive and Portway Road)

These four projects have a total expense of $180,435, however, the Crown Pointe Homeowners Association had contributed $13,560 towards it’s recommended sidewalk project, bringing the net cost to the city down to $166,874.

Once approved, the four recommended sidewalk projects will see construction begin on or after July 1 of this year.

During Monday’s meeting, Mayor Rick Graham called the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program “one of our best programs,” with the program seeing approximately three miles of sidewalk completed to date at a total cost of $500,000. However, due to numerous contributions from various homeowner associations, the net cost to the city has been less than $200,000.

Projects are chosen through a process of evaluating submissions based on a set of certain criteria, some being the project’s connectivity to schools, its proximity to high-density residential neighborhoods, its connectivity to businesses, and of course, safety. For a breakdown of criteria used to approve sidewalk project proposals, visit the project criteria page by clicking here.

The city will accept new submissions for 2021 starting in September of this year through Oct. 31.

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