House Construction (Pixabay)

The city of Spring Hill collected a total of $952,332 in development fees during the month of March, with the majority of housing development taking place on the city's southern side.

Throughout the duration of the month, a total of 61 single family, town home and condo permits were filed on the Maury County side of Spring Hill as opposed to 24 on the Williamson side, continuing a trend of heightened development on the city's southern side.

Condo permits — with one condo permit being equal to 12 units — accounted for $268,000 of total permit fees collected in March. Single family home permits accounted for $467,128 in monthly development fee revenue, whereas town home permits accounted for $181,169.

Residential development fees accounted for the vast majority of all development fee revenue in the month of March at $917,320 of the aforementioned $952,332, with commercial development fees, building add-ons and planning permits accounting for the remaining $35,012.

March saw the single highest number of residential permits this year to date at a combined 85 permits, with 2021 seeing 187 in total. This year to date, there have been 130 single family home permits, 52 town home permits, and five condo permits, which comes out to 60 individual units.

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