Fischer Fundraiser

Kevin Fischer, who had acted as the director of the Spring Hill Parks and Recreation Department, passed away Sunday afternoon after a long battle with cancer. While friends of the Fischer family have set up an online fundraiser to help with medical and other expenses, the business community seems to have joined in the support as well.

Mockingbird Restaurant, an eatery that offers southern cuisine that operates out of a 19th century farmhouse on Reserve Boulevard, announced on Wednesday that they will be holding a week-long fundraiser for the Fischer family. On Thursday, Feb. 6, a portion of all purchases — both dine in or take out — will be donated to the Fischer family. The restaurant will also be accepting donations towards the Fischer family for the entirety of that week from Feb. 2-8.

Additionally, former city alderman Susan Zemek has set up a fund at Regions Bank named the “Fischer Family Fund,” allowing for residents to contribute to the Fischer family there as well.

An online Meal Train has also been set up for the Fischer family by community members, allowing for residents to bring either a home-cooked meal or takeout to the Fischer family throughout the month of February. The online Meal Train allows for residents to pick a particular day and time in which to bring a meal — those interested can access the Meal Train online by clicking here.

“[Fischer’s] long and arduous five year battle with this horrible disease, cancer, has ended,” wrote Zemek in a post on social media. “I refuse to say that he ‘lost’ his battle! Those that knew Kevin knew that he was a competitor until the very last second. Kevin had a very aggressive form of cancer and was terminally ill from the beginning. He refused to take that stance. He refused to accept, what the doctors told him what his fate was. The fact that he lived as long as he did, is a testament to his strength, his faith, the support from his family… he truly believed he was going to beat it.”

“In my eyes, he did beat it. Cancer never took his spirit. It never took him away from the job he loved. He refused to let it stop him from loving Sarah and it certainly didn’t take him away from being there for his kids! While I am sure he had his bad days, he didn’t let the world see that part! He always had a positive response when asked how he was doing.”