At the Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting on Dec. 19, the City of Spring Hill will consider funding seven sidewalk projects.

Monday night at the BOMA work session, a resolution funding the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program came up for discussion.

The resolution will fund five new sidewalks and maintenance on two at a cost of $124,815 to the city.

The new sidewalks if the resolution passes go in at:

  • Derryberry Lane – both sides of the street near Marvin Wright Elementary
  • New Port Royal – the east side of the street between Tweed Place and Stewart Campbell Pt.
  • Spring Hill Place – from Savannah Park Drive to Maleventum Way
  • Belshire subdivision – a sidewalk connecting Belshire to Lowes parking lot
  • Haynes Crossing – a sidewalk from Monoco Drive to Paradise Drive

Maintenance will be done to sidewalks at:

  • Rutherford Downs – frame and pour missing sidewalk section removed earlier to replace a sewer line
  • Cherry Grove – add pedestrian markers and perform restriping at the crosswalk

The total price of the project is $149,475. The homeowners associations who requested the projects will together cover $24,659 of the cost.

The city in the fall advertised as part of its Neighborhood Sidewalk Program a project to hear from residents that needed sidewalks.

“Staff ranked each project and submitted them for review to the Transportation Advisory Committee,” Missy Stahl, the project manager for the city, said. “The committee recommended funding all the projects.”

The memo to the BOMA said the price of the project is based on a contract negotiated three years ago, and when it is re-bid in the spring the total cost may increase.

Zach Harmuth covers Spring Hill and Williamson County for BIGR Media. Reach him at [email protected].