PHOTO: Concept art by Mike Hathaway of 906 Studios shows the planned design of the Tennessee Children’s Home redevelopment project. / Courtesy photo


At a public meeting Thursday night, members of the Spring Hill community and representatives from Catalyst Design Group discussed possible revenue that will be generated by the redeveloped Tennessee Children’s Home.

During the discussion, it was revealed that the project is expected to bring in $100 million in revenue from taxes over a 20 year period, money that would be split between the city government and schools.

First introduced to the city in late February, the project’s residential portion would see the development of 127 single-family lots, 98 townhomes, 41 cottages, 315 multi-family apartments, and 100 assisted living and condo residences. It’s commercial portion would see the development of 90,000 square feet of retail and office space, 20,000 of restaurant space, 69,000 of corporate office space, two hotels, and 40,000 of second and third floors of office space above existing residential development.

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“Our vision for the property was to create a walkable ‘live, work, shop, play’ community,” said Jeff Heinze, senior project manager for Catalyst Design Group. “That basically is you live here, you can have your business here, you certainly can shop here, and then you can come here for entertainment; is that dinner, is that possibly [having] a similar venue like Puckett’s, you might have music in the restaurants… so create that type of environment.”

Heinze continued, noting that a true downtown for the city is something that has long been asked for by residents, and that that vision could be best met by carefully choosing what type of commercial and retail development is approved.

“This group is experienced in doing multifaceted residential, commercial, hotel development,” Heinze said. “One reason that Berry Farms has been very successful is, you don’t just take the first retailer that comes knocking on your door – it’s approaching certain people about coming and being part of the development to try to get that great commercial buzz going.”

Heinze said the focus of the commercial development would be on getting more independent, locally-owned businesses rather than large franchises such as Target or McDonald’s, though didn’t rule out that perhaps a single franchised store may make it into the development, similar to the Starbucks in downtown Franklin. Even if a single franchise commercial business were to make it into the project, Heinze said it would have to adhere to the architecture as outlined in the plan, which takes on an older, historic design similar to Franklin’s downtown.

“One thing I think we’ve heard over and over is Spring Hill has old town, but doesn’t really have the town square feature, kind of like Columbia or Franklin does,” Heinze said. “We’re in the center of town with this piece of property, and we want to try and form that sense of downtown with the architecture.”

During the meeting, Heinze also revealed the full list of road improvements planned alongside the project. Throughout the project’s 7 – 10 year buildout period, road improvement plans include widening Kedron Road from Old Kedron Road to Main Street, intersection improvements for Main Street and Kedron Road, realignment and signal improvements at Kedron Road, Old Kedron Road and Miles Johnson Parkway corridor, improvements to School street, which includes an extension to Kedron Road, and lastly, pedestrian connections to Elm Street, Kedron Road and Battlefield Park.

The downtown district project will see its plans reviewed and voted on again this upcoming Monday by the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 199 Town Center Parkway.

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