Now operating in its third year, the two Spring Hill firework tents will take on a more patriotic theme this year including military-themed decorations and patriotic music and light shows.

Despite a national firework shortage that has caused price hikes and supply shortages, Spring Hill's two firework tents — one on Port Royal Road and the other on Main Street — remain mostly unaffected thanks to the owners 'over-ordering' supplies well in advance.

Open seven days a week from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. through July 4, the two firework tents are run by David Miller and David Waugh. Miller says that while they were able to get their hands on an adequate amount of supply, certain fireworks are likely to sell out quickly.

"There will be a lot of tents that are sold out soon — thankfully, our company saw that coming and over-ordered and went to additional suppliers so we are actually looking really good this year," Miller said. "Would still advise [people] to come early because there are some types of products that will sell out, but overall, we feel pretty good about the amount of stock we have."

Miller explained that thousands of shipping containers in California are still being unloaded and prepared for shipment, meaning that his two firework tents will still be receiving new supply up until July 3 and 4. Nevertheless, Miller remained confident that for the majority of residents, his tents will have adequate supply through Independence Day.

New to this year is the Excalibur Platinum, a five-inch reloadable artillery shell that creates an explosion more than 200-feet wide.

"Excaliburs are the most popular reloadable, which is a three-inch motor shell — this year we have an Excalibur Platinum, which is a level up, a five-inch reloadable shell so it's going to be a bigger boom, bigger bang," Miller said.

"There are a limited supply of those so that is something I'd come out quick to get. Then we've got some small stuff for kids, for families... or you could have stuff to wake the neighbors, call the cops, or maybe wake the National Guard."

This year will also see the two tents take on a more patriotic theme, with a bevy of American-themed additions such as patriotic music, laser and light displays and U.S. Military decorations, among them being a fully-sized replica of a tank at the Port Royal Road tent.

Food trucks are also planned to be at the Port Royal Road tent offering wings, ice cream, and potentially shaved ice and barbeque.