Spring Hill Water Treatment Plant

Spring Hill's water treatment plant on Kedron Road.

The city of Spring Hill has temporarily halted all utility cutoffs, late payment fees and other penalties due to a error on the part of the city's utility billing service company.

According to a Thursday statement, all late fees, cutoffs and utility penalties will be suspended for the months of November and December, and are expected to resume in January of 2022.

"Spring Hill’s historically reliable utility billing services company failed to produce bills for September services on time — payments for those September bills would have been due on Oct. 15," reads the statement.

"The problem is that people need ample notice, and the late bill for one month could arrive within days of the next month’s on-time utility bill. Rather than putting the burden of close-together bills on residents’ minds and budgets, or creating the mistaken appearance of double billing, the city is spreading them out temporarily."

Ordinarily due on the 15th of each month, utility bill dates for the next three months have been moved to the following dates:

  • Bills for services for September are due Nov. 10
  • Bills for services for October are due Dec. 1
  • Bills for services for November are due on Dec. 17

“Spring Hill doesn’t want one company’s negligence to disrupt people’s monthly budgets, and we surely don’t want to create even the mistaken impression of double billing," said City Administrator Pam Caskie.

“The city is fixing this problem. People deserve time to catch up because this wasn’t their fault.”

Residents can pay their utility bills in person at City Hall, over the phone at (931)486-2252, ext. 200, or online by clicking here.