Depictions of both the proposed Dollar General and Great White Express Car Wash as taken from their site plan documents.

Two development projects that had made their way to the Spring Hill Planning Commission within the past few weeks were shot down this week after commissioners failed to approve site plans for both a Dollar General store and a Great White Express Car Wash.

The two projects

The Dollar General store was proposed to be constructed on the northeastern corner of Kedron Road and Port Royal Road, but had seen significant pushback from the nearby Royalton Woods subdivision. In a letter addressed to the city’s Planning Commission, the Homeowners Association president expressed concerns over the Dollar General limiting future opportunities for commercial development.

The Great White Express Car Wash was proposed to be constructed along Belshire Village Drive, just off of Main Street between the Lowe’s and the KFC. At 5,500 square feet, the car wash was also planned to include a dog wash facility

Commissioners express their concerns over the proposed site plans

Regarding the site plan for the Great White Express Car Wash, Commissioner Matt Fitterer expressed concerns over the project not having adequate sewer infrastructure. Commissioner Paula Hepp expressed her own concerns with the project, particularly with traffic.

“I’m still not specifically in favor of the three in and outs on Belshire Village Drive,” Hepp said. 

“I would prefer the entrance [be] on Belshire Village, and out on Belshire Way. I just see a lot of traffic confusion at that exit to the car wash with all the traffic going all different directions at the end.”

Ultimately, the motion to approve the car wash’s site plan failed 0 - 7.

Regarding the Dollar General, Hepp raised some more traffic concerns, specifically regarding the turning radius of the proposed entrance to the property. 

Given that Dollar General delivery trucks are often 53 feet in length, and that the “turning radius’ aren’t that wonderful,” Hepp said, “a lot of accidents can happen with the vehicles headed into that public access area.”

Hepp also noted that there is a 10 ton weight limit for Port Royal Road, further calling into question the feasibility of Dollar General delivery trucks delivering to the proposed site.

Commissioner Paul Downham said that he agreed with Hepp’s concerns, and also noted some mislabelings on the proposed site plan for the store, specifically with the labeling of East and North. Downham also expressed concerns that the proposal saw the store “butt too close to the property line.”

Ultimately, the motion to approve the Dollar General’s site plan failed 4 - 3.