DG Plans

The new Dollar General store is proposed to be 9,100 square feet.

A Dollar General store that is proposed to be constructed on the northeast corner of Port Royal Road and Kedron Road will be discussed by the Spring Hill Planning Commission Monday night, with commissioners voting on whether or not to approve the developer's request for site plan approval.

The project has seen push back from the nearby Royalton Woods community, with that neighborhood's Homeowners Association (HOA) expressing concerns that the project would limit the future of commercial development in the area.

Commissioners will discuss and vote on the proposal Monday evening at 5:30 p.m., with the meeting available to be streamed online by clicking here.

Other than Walls Grocery, which is a small grocery store and gas station hybrid, the proposed Dollar General store would mark the first grocery store in Spring Hill south of Saturn Parkway. It's this fact that concerns arose from the Royalton Woods community.

"This type of retail does not match its would-be surroundings,” reads the Royalton Woods HOA letter to city leaders.

“There are many brands that will not match their stores with Dollar General - the first retailers will set the tone for our side of Spring Hill.”