Graham standing

Spring Hill Mayor Rick Graham speaks about the city's infrastructure challenges at Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin.

On Sunday, Gov. Bill Lee ordered a state-wide closure of all dine-in restaurants, bars and gyms until April 6, a measure aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus that mirrors those of governors all across the country.

In response, Spring Hill Mayor Rick Graham released a statement addressed to all residents and businesses of Spring Hill, urging all to continue following the social distancing guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“These are challenging times,” Graham wrote. “We must be vigilant in efforts to follow the social distancing guidelines as set forth in this order as well as having been recommended by the CDC. However, we are also very cognizant and compassionate of the economic toll this order takes on the business owners who have invested and become a part of our community."

"It saddens me to already hear of a new business owner who has closed their doors altogether hoping to reopen once it is acceptable to do so. I would like you to please note that Governor Lee’s executive order does not prohibit the use of drive-throughs, take-out or delivery.”

Spring Hill has not been exempt from any of the closures seen across the county, and the state for that matter. Gyms, including Anytime Fitness, Workout Anytime and even the United Auto Workers gym, have all closed their doors for the next week, at least. Spring Hill’s restaurants have all been forced to either close their doors completely, or move to a delivery or pick-up model until at least April 6.

Nevertheless, Graham reiterated his belief that these shutdowns would only be temporary, and that if Spring Hill as a community can strictly follow the CDC guidelines, a state of normalcy could be returned to sooner rather than later.

“We will get through this,” Graham wrote. “However, I urge each of you to continue to follow the social distancing guidelines and suggested protocols and when you have opportunity, please support our local merchants and food establishments.”