Rick Graham

Spring Hill Mayor Rick Graham.

The voter turnout rate in Spring Hill has progressively gotten worse over the years, dropping from 7.72 percent in 2017 to 5.67 percent in 2019.

While local elections typically see far lower voter turnout rates than national elections, Spring Hill's neighboring cities of Brentwood and Franklin saw their most recent elections reach 12.82 percent and 9.18 percent, respectively.

While Spring Hill city leaders are continuing to explore ways to improve voter turnout through measures like expanding polling places and moving the election date, Communications Director Lori Lozinski has revealed a more light-hearted way to entice residents to get the vote out: a pie in the face of Mayor Rick Graham.

"Would you leave the comfort of your couch to go out and vote on April 8 in the City election if Mayor Graham took a pie in the face?" reads a social media post from the city's official Facebook page. "Well, he's challenged us all! If voter turnout reaches 10 percent, he will indeed take a pie in the face right on City Hall steps!"

During the most recent city election in 2019, there were a total of 27,271 registered voters in Spring Hill. Of those, just 1,545 voted, coming out to a more than 2 percent drop in voter turnout over the previous election.

The final day to register to vote is Tuesday, March 9. Those not registered yet can do so online in minutes by clicking here. For more on how to participate in the upcoming election, click here.

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That's pretty pathetic, a 5% turnout for an election.

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