In a year-end report from the Spring Hill Police Department released this month, the department's Criminal Investigations Division (CID) were assigned 64 total cases during the month of December, mostly for theft-related crimes, a figure on par with December of 2020.

Of the 64 cases assigned to the CID, 33 were for theft, with one of the 33 being for identity theft. Additional cases assigned to the CID in December were seven for vandalisms, four for burglaries, nine for shoplifting and two for fraudulent use of a credit card.

The number of cases rose significantly when compared to November's 46 CID-assigned cases, but was on par with December, 2020's 62 cases.

Regarding field operations outside of the CID's responsibilities, Spring Hill Police responded to 4,539 calls for service in December, created 199 incident reports and arrested 97 individuals; 66 males and 31 females.

Throughout December, 957 traffic stops were conducted, with 46 written warnings and 350 citations issued, the majority of which were for speeding. Police did not respond to any traffic fatalities in December, but did respond to four traffic accidents with injuries.

Police made only two traffic arrests for narcotic possessions, and one for driving while intoxicated (DUI). The CID made several arrests for narcotics during the month of December, the majority of which were for simple possession of schedule 4 drugs, which include drugs like Xanax, Valium and Ambien.