SHPL Time Capsule

The time capsule will hold everything from hand sanitizer to toilet paper, as well as hand-written notes and other items that will be considered relics in 2036 upon its planned retrieval. 

The Spring Hill Public Library is inviting residents to attend - either in-person or virtually - a public time capsule burial, where library staff will "bury 2020" by enclosing all the "memes and mementos of 2020" into a time capsule and burying it behind the library.

The event will kick off at the library, 144 Kedron Parkway, on Thursday, April 1 at 2 p.m. Those who wish to stream the event online can do so by visiting the library's Facebook page.

"Join us as we submerge the time capsule with all of its memes and mementos of 2020," reads a release from the library. "Watch from a safe distance - or on Facebook Live - as we add gases and weld it shut, then bury it behind the library."

Among the items included in the time capsule are toilet paper and hand sanitizer - the more obvious symbols of 2020 - as well as videos and hand-written notes. One noteworthy inclusion is the "Diary of a Pandemic Kid" submissions, a series of written and drawn creations submitted by hundreds of Spring Hill children depicting life during the pandemic.

Library staff say they intend on digging up and opening the time capsule in 25 years, adding more to it, burying it again, and then opening it up again in 50 years.

Guests are asks to park in the library's parking lot and meet behind the library near the library drop box. In the case of flooding, the event will be postponed to a later date.

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