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In addition to being ranked recently as the 12th safest city in the state, Spring Hill on Tuesday was granted another prestigious ranking.

It was named the ninth best city in the country for remote workers, and the number one best city in the state.

The study was conducted by the career tool website Zippia, who in light of the coronavirus pandemic leading to an unprecedented number of Americans working from home, analyzed which cities were best adapted to remote work.

Ranking more than 1,300 cities, Zippia used five metrics to gauge which cities were best for remote work; rent costs, home prices, amount of computers per household, broadband internet access and the amount of existing remote workers.

Zippia found that Spring Hill already has 8.9% of its working-aged residents working remotely, with 95% of all residents already owning a personal computer, and 93% having high speed internet.

“Nashville is booming, but Spring Hill, Tennessee, just outside is the place to be for remote workers,” reads the study. “Nearly 9% of workers in Spring Hill already work from home. Why so many? Spring Hill is a tech friendly city.”

While Spring Hill’s average monthly housing costs - including both mortgages and renting - was found to be $1,357, its average renting cost currently sits at $1,270, a notably lower figure than Franklin’s $1,517 and Brentwood’s $1,495.

Data for the study came from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey.