Grzegorczyk Light Show

The Grzegorczyk family has held a Christmas light show and donation drive for The Well Outreach food pantry every year since 2008.

For 13 years, the home of Laura and John Grzegorczyk has been a regular place for sightseeing due to its extravagant Christmas light show, all synced to a radio broadcast of Christmas music on 87.9 FM.

Another reason the Grzegorczyk home attracts so many visitors, however, is that the family has taken advantage of the house's draw to help support The Well Outreach food bank, collecting donations seven nights a week using waterproof storage bins placed just outside the house.

As of this past weekend, this year the Grzegorczyk family has collected 1,724 food donations, which, while no small number, is behind their goal this year of 3,000 donations. Mrs. Grzegorczyk says she hopes the Spring Hill community will come through to help reach that goal by the year's end.

"The first year [we did this], we stuck a handpainted sign in the yard asking people to give food donations, and we received around 200 donations; it was so exciting," Mrs. Grzegorczyk wrote in a message to the Home Page. 

"Now we average around 3,000 donations each Christmas season… but donations are lower this year. Thankfully, we have seen our amazing community stepping up and we have jumped from [around] 1,100 donations to 1,724 donations in the past two to three days. We started our slower this year but we have faith that our community will continue to donate to hit the goal like they have every year."

During the first year of collecting donations in 2008, Mrs. Grzegorczyk said the initial goal was to demonstrate to her children the true meaning of Christmas.

"The goal was to help our kids understand that Christmas is about helping people as we celebrate the birth of Jesus," Mrs. Grzegorczyk said. "Now our boys are 14, 17 and 19 years old, and they still continue with decorating, programming the light show and collecting donations."

The Grzegorczyk house light show will continue seven days a week from 4:30 p.m. to midnight through Jan. 3, with the family accepting donations 24/7. Those interested in donating can drop off food packages either in a sleigh in the front yard, or in large waterproof storage bins located next to the driveway.

The Grzegorczyk home is located at 1510 Charleston Park Drive in Spring Hill. Guests can tune into 87.9 FM as well to hear music synced up with the Christmas light display.